Finding Mastery

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Module 1


In order to adopt a high-performance mindset, you need to have an accurate picture of the current mindset that’s holding you back.

In the Orientation lesson, we’ll identify where you’re at now and reveal your opportunities for improvement. We’ll set your top goals for the next eight weeks.

Most importantly, we’ll uncover the “Being vs. Doing” framework, which will help remove pressure from yourself and make high-performance in every aspect of your life as effortless as possible.

High Performance

What does “high performance” mean to you?

In the High Performance lesson, you’ll build your definition of high performance, so you can use it as a “North Star” to point yourself toward success through the rest of the program (and the rest of your life).

Sleep Well

Recovery is one of the most overlooked aspects of high performance by the general population. But inside world-leading sport franchises and corporations, we talk more about recovery than about working hard.

In the Sleep Well lesson, we’ll reveal the four pillars of recovery, as well as a simple recovery formula you can use as a quick check to optimize your growth.

Getting this stuff right is your biggest opportunity for boosting your energy, increasing your vitality, driving more passion, improving your health, and optimizing performance in every facet of your life.

Module 2

Personal Philosophy

Your thought patterns influence how you perform more than anything else. Whether you’re an executive, parent, or world-class athlete, how you think about things determines your reaction to them.

In the Personal Philosophy lesson, you’ll discover how to build the foundation for a truly optimized mindset that is 100% unique to YOU — in 25 words or less.

This lesson will help you drive more clarity in your personal and professional life, give you a quick reference point to evaluate how you’re performing in challenging moments, and act as a tool to help you be your true self more often.

What you’ll discover in this lesson is both a radical accelerant to high performance and the quality of your relationships.


Your Vision is not the same as your goals.

In the Vision lesson, you’ll learn the difference between the two, how to clarify a bold and inspiring vision for your life, four traps people fall into when setting their vision, three ways to make your vision less overwhelming (because if you set your vision right, it should be a little intimidating), and one simple — but intense — mental tool you can use to become a more powerful person in any arena.

As you’ve likely discovered, the path to improvement is not easy. But what you’ll find in this lesson will help you stay on the path to your best self even when things get difficult.

Module 3


Most people don’t take the time to clarify their character strengths. But it’s a prerequisite for showing up as the best version of yourself on a regular basis.

In the Character lesson, you’ll discover your unique character strengths and find ways to enhance them, so you can live more authentically, increase your happiness, and leave a lasting impression on the people you meet.


Mindfulness is a tool that has gained much popularity recently. And for good reason:

The benefits are undeniable.

Those who practice mindfulness have an increased frequency in flow state, the ability to perform better in difficult environments, improved attention and concentration, better emotional regulation, improved memory, positive family and parenting behaviors, as well as improved sleep, stable mood, and less fatigue.

In the Mindfulness lesson, you’ll discover what exactly mindfulness is, how it can help you develop insight and wisdom, and how to develop a manageable mindfulness program that works for your lifestyle — no matter how busy you are.


Optimism is not a trait that is set in stone. It’s a mindset skill you can train and improve.

In all our years of working with world-class leaders across the spectrum of human performance, we have yet to meet a game-changer who was not fundamentally optimistic.

In the Optimism lesson, you’ll learn a simple, yet powerful, daily practice to reliably boost your optimism — enabling you to stay cognitively open and flexible when you experience adversity or setbacks.

Module 4


Two of your most precious resources are your time and your energy.

In the Control lesson, you’ll discover how to focus on and master what is in your control, so you can save your time and energy for those situations in which you can actually drive change.

You’ll also learn our Morning Mindset Routine — a 90-second practice that primes your mind to be more present, focused, grateful, and calm each morning.

Eat, Hydrate, and Move

The science is becoming increasingly clear — eating, hydrating, and moving well are essential components for sustaining optimized performance and recovery.

In the Eat, Hydrate, and Move lesson, we’ll equip you with a basic framework to ensure you get every aspect of this right.

You’ll discover three basic principles to help fuel your body with the proper nutrition, seven eating behaviors that will help you eat healthier food and cut calories with less effort, as well as a five-step plan for dealing with cravings when they come up.

Module 5


Realizing your full potential takes time. Most quit before they even approach what they’re truly capable of.

In the Grit lesson, you’ll take an assessment to identify your current level of grit, you’ll discover the three primary components of grit, and you’ll make a necessary, fundamental decision that will help you achieve your full potential.


High performance happens in the present moment. And it requires finding the perfect balance between being calm and “activated.”

In the Calm lesson, you’ll find out how to use the Yerkes-Dodson law to find your perfect balance between calm and “activated” states, as well as a simple (and immediate) strategy to “reset” yourself when you begin to feel overactivated by stress.

Module 6


Like optimism, confidence is a mental skill that you can develop.

In the Confidence lesson, we’ll reveal the one and ONLY place where confidence comes from, how to train your thoughts to benefit you — rather than holding you back, and how to build an “Epic Thought List” you can deploy to find confidence in any situation.


You’ll need discipline to achieve your goals. And discipline requires training.

In the Focus lesson, you’ll identify your specific flow archetype, and we’ll reveal why it’s important to train “refocusing” in order to develop discipline, as well as show you how to slip into flow state more often — unlocking your ability to perform at your most optimal state.

Module 7


Trusting yourself to “go for it” is a cornerstone of high performance. But many of us lack that deep level of self-trust.

In the Trust lesson, you’ll find out how to build trust with yourself and others, as well as why it’s vital to get uncomfortable as often as you possibly can.

Think Well

Thinking well means doing the hard work to train your mind, so you can develop a command over your thoughts, even when you’re in uncomfortable situations.

In the Think Well lesson, we’ll reveal how thinking well enables you to conserve your internal resources and remain more flexible, optimistic, calm, and confident in challenging environments.

Finding Mastery

Finding Your Best

Finding Your Best

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About This Course

Finding Your Best is a self-paced online program that is specifically designed to give you everything you need to adopt a high-performance mindset and achieve to the highest level of your capabilities. The course is made up of 7 modules, which include written lessons, videos, and personalized assessments.